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quick fix: pizza


Tom and I both grew up in Chicago, so pizza is essential to our survival. Never a big fan of cheese, I would still stuff myself silly with Lou Malnati’s deep dish—we’re talking a good inch-thick layer of mozzarella. Lou’s was one of the last animal product-containing foods we gave up. I can only imagine how sick we’d get if we tried to eat it now.

After a few pretty rough soy and rice mozzarella experiences, we’ve settled on Follow Your Heart. It melts if you give it long enough, and even browns a bit. It’s lacking in salt, but that’s easy enough to work around. When I eat pizza with FYH, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I’ve read about a new soy mozzarella coming to market, Tease, and I’ll definitely give it a try when I see it. For now, it looks like you have to order it online.

So anyway, we eat a lot of pizza. I usually make a couple of crusts at a time so we can have one in the fridge or freezer. Occasionally, we’ll grab a crust from Trader Joe’s, or we’ll do what we did tonight: the cornmeal crust.
You can find them in the freezer section at Whole Foods—maybe. I’ve found them in New York, Los Angeles, and now Portland, but in L.A., the Hollywood location didn’t carry them yet the Farmer’s Market one (2 miles away) did.

We also make big batches of sauce, which we store in the fridge, so when a pizza craving comes, we’ve got the fixins and don’t have to spend $8 on a tiny Amy’s cheeseless—or way more on delivery.


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