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quick fix: tofurky sandwich

Fakey meats are a rare find ’round these parts, but this one I could probably eat every day. It’s peppered tofurky slices. I haven’t tried any of the other flavors, and honestly, I’m afraid to because they’ll probably taste too turkey-y. The pepper is really the draw here, and I can eat it on crackers, on a roll, just rolled up like a little tofurky cigar (except not smoked or really like a cigar in any other way), or on bread—today’s is toasted Dave’s Killer Bread.

Why is the lettuce on the bottom in the photo? Because I try to smash as much green stuff into my sandwiches as possible, and if I don’t put it on the bottom, the top piece of bread pops off and the lettuce flies all over the place. That’s really all that’s on here, other than a little bit o’ sliced onion and a smearing of Earth Balance.

This is another of those when-in-the-presence-of-omnis foods, an easy substitution for the meat version where it’s the only “special” ingredient you’ll need. 


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