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i heart packages

Got a box today from VeganEssentials.com. I started ordering from them when I was in L.A. because, for such a wheatgrass-n-tofu town, there were many things I just couldn’t find in stores. With the move to Portland, these things might be around, but I’ll need some time to figure it all out. I did find Tofurky Jurky at Whole Foods, 50 cents cheaper per package, but so far that’s the only thing to fall off my order. And once you order from them, you receive e-mail newsletters with 5% and 10% savings offers—that pretty much covers shipping.

So what did I get today?

Cheddar ChReese. Tom loves this and uses it on everything he can. I can eat it in small doses. Having never been a big cheese-eater, well, yeah. It’s got some other-than-cheese spices in it, so when we make grilled-chreese sandwiches, I stir a little extra nutritional yeast into mine. As you might be able to see by the ingredient list, this is probably a recipe we could figure out on our own, but for $13, some water, and olive oil, this little (and convienient bag) makes a half gallon of fakey cheese.

Evolution Vegan Cat Kibble. Mädchen isn’t vegan because I can’t take the time to monitor her urine acidity and make sure she’s getting what she needs. I did try the Evolution moist food, cutting it with her regular food, and she hated it. She’s almost 12 years old and really healthy and happy with the balance she’s developed of fishy Pet Promise, Wellness, and PetGuard moist food and vegan dry food, so I’m not going to rock the boat.

Glucosamine with MSM & CMO. I’m a crotchety old lady now (what I blame on having been put through two courses of Lupron years ago), so I do what I can to make my bones and joints happy. Don’t know if this works, but it’s probably not hurting.

Choline! The greatest supplement you’ve never taken. Since structural integrity of cells and neurotransmitter precursors aren’t exactly sexy, it hasn’t made its way onto the news yet. So it’s really tough to find. Neither Tom nor I have experienced that memory slip many around us seem to be going through, so again, while I can’t prove it helps (one can hardly scientifically study oneself—where would you get a control group…unless you have a clone), it doesn’t seem to be hurting. We used to use Solgar’s phosphatidyl choline complex, but they’re in gelatin and the company said they have no plans to make a veg version, so Boo to Solgar!

Not to be forgotten, Sweet & Sara Peanut Butter Smores! The first time I tried one, months ago, I skipped lunch and just ate this. When I got back to my desk, instead of working, I wrote about eating a freaking smore for lunch. I later deleted what I wrote because it seemed like the most estrogen-infused 500 words ever put to paper (or computer). I was ashamed. I was stuffed like a tick. I had so much energy that I could hardly sit still. So a warning to you all: You should, by all means, try this because it’s ridiculously good, but cut it at least in half and either hide the other piece or share it so there’s no way you can eat it. If these came in smaller sizes, like half or third, it’d be perfect. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.


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