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We stopped by Food Fight! Grocery today, for I’d read on their blog (look to your right) that their Teese supply had come in and I didn’t want to miss it. For all the talk I’ve heard/read about it, I expected lines, like Wii or Barbara Streisand ticket lines, but we just walked in, found a bunch in the fridge, and (after paying for it) brought it safely home. Guess what’s for dinner. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

We also picked up some Sheese, strong cheddar style. I like it because it’s fun to say, like you’re fed up with a situation yet don’t want to blaspheme. It’s a little circle of cheese—and it looks quite like the lunar surface. Check it out.

I hoped to find cool shapes in there, like Jesus or Elvis or something, but I guess it takes a degree of faith I just don’t have.

Tom tried it out and said it tasted like a sharp cheddar. It was pretty firm and was definitely a cracker cheese (not like it’s only for white folk). It ain’t cheap, but I guess dairy cheese probably isn’t either.

And Mädchen liked it too—snapped it right up and was super happy afterward, running-around-and-jumping-up-doorframes happy. Disclaimer: It’s also a beautiful day today, after a good stretch of solid gray. That can set her to fits of mania too.


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