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pasta & teese (not together)

Before I get into my Teese results, I’m gonna talk about my pasta. I eat this probably once a week. It’s evolved over the years, from a day when we had a bunch of bruschetta (referring to the tomato, garlic & basil topping, not the grilled bread the word actually describes), so we dumped that over pasta. The vegetables kept changing, with more and more being added, and finally we decided on this. It’s garlic, red onion, broccoli, zucchini, li’l bit of lemon juice, sun-dried tomato, artichoke hearts, parsley, panko, and red pepper flakes in not too much olive oil (not like when you order aglio olio and you have to drain each forkful). And basil, when we can find it and it doesn’t look crappy. Tom hits his with nutritional yeast to take the place of parmesan, but I’m fine with just good ol’-fashioned salt.

We recently picked up a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen artichoke hearts. We shan’t make this mistake again. They’re pretty darn flavorless and lose their texture. The canned ones are actually much, much better (and I think the Whole Foods ones are better than the TJ’s). For this dish, they sort of disappear, picking up the garlic but not doing much more. Oh, and to avoid a bunch of extra moisture, I cut up the zucchini and place it on a paper towel. Then, after salting the top, I let it sit for at least 10 minutes before topping it with another paper towel. You wouldn’t believe how much water this draws out. Then you don’t have soggy zucchini.

Coming to you from the town where Lucas was shot, where I spent a lot of time watching boys skate (because I’ve always sucked at it), where I had my first big 10-people-involved-and-a-bottle-was-used-as-a-weapon-and-the-cops-busted-it-up fight, and where people know that pizza is a meal you eat while sititng down, is Teese. 

My first Teese experiment was just that, an experiment. I kept seeing 450° mentioned, so I went for it. Next time I’m upping the temp because my crust started drying out before the Teese was fully melted. Don’t get me wrong, it was still good, just not perfect. The fat content is higher and the fiber content is lower than Follow Your Heart, so that might explain the difference in consistency. I did notice that after sitting for a few minutes, the cheese really did set up. I wonder how it’d taste/feel as cold leftovers. I just had a piece of FYH cold the other morning and I wasn’t impressed.

We had a little taste of the Teese, just out of the package, and agreed it was tangier and saltier than FYH. So this might be the new go-to guy for cold mozzarella needs. And we’ll see how it goes on test #2 for pizza makin’.

I don’t think this is ready for stores—not in a “they need to work on this” way, but it didn’t look labeled for purchase, so I think it’s still in the “sample” stage. I guess if you want it, you still have to order it online. It’s worth trying. Even if you don’t feel it’s the Holy Mozzarella Grail, it’s at least as good as what else is out there. 


4 thoughts on “pasta & teese (not together)

  1. I thought of lasagna as soon as I saw how the Teese set up. It’d probably be less apt to slide around like FYH.

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