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can i have some bread with my bread?

Is it fall again? Or is unemployment depression kicking in? Yesterday I pretty much ate nothing but bread. Truth be told, if I could live on garlic bread and cookies, I probably would. Hey, I never promised you healthy.

I have no photos for breakfast, which was…toast. But here’s part one of a two-part snackening that took the place of your traditional lunch. I’d found some half-decent tomatoes with promise over the weekend so they sat in my high-tech ripening machine (a paper bag) and eventually came out sort of red. And the basil was a nice surprise—I’d gotten used to summertime Hollywood farmer’s market basil bunches as big as your head for $1.50, followed by a few seasons of sad clamshells full of holey leaves trucked up from Mexico—but I found this organic basil from Washington at Whole Foods. I didn’t look at how much it cost. I figure I never believed in Santa so I allow myself these little moments of blissful ignorance from time to time.

Here’s part two. Stuffing or dressing or whatever you want to call it. I don’t think either name does it justice. They imply that this lovely “side” dish is but an accompaniment to something more significant. I suppose “baked reconstituted old bread with some vegetables and spices” doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Anyway, it fed me and made me happy and let me use up an old heel of white bread we’d made earlier this week.

This almost doesn’t count as bread, since I used a cornmeal crust. Who am I trying to fool? It counts. This is my third try with Teese. The yellowing is the oils in the Teese mixing with the tomato sauce, plus a little broilering at the end. After three attempts, I have to say it didn’t kick Follow Your Heart’s ass. It’s good, sure, but the hype seems like just that, hype. After working with it, I had to use dish soap to get the oil off my hands.




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