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spaghetti squash

Like so many foods, spaghetti squash can be intimidating. The strands! How do you make the strands?! Well, they make themselves. I saw on a blog some time ago (don’t remember which and don’t remember when) just how easy this squash was to cook and gave it a whirl. Amazingly simple.

I’ve seen instructions to bake it whole, just piercing it as you would a potato, but it takes an hour. If you cut it in half lengthwise first (and scoop the seeds and guts out), placing it cut side down on a baking sheet, a half hour or so (depending on what size you’ve got) at 350° will get you this.

You can already see the strands. All you’re doing is encouraging them to come away from the rind by dragging a fork through them—you can’t screw it up. I start at the edge and scrape toward the middle.

When you’re done, you should have a whole mess of stringy squash.

A little Earth Balance, salt, and pepper will get you sorted, or you can get fancy with it. I made mine pretty late, so I just stored it in the fridge. It loses nothing through chilling and reheating. I’ve taken this to work for lunch before and popped it in the microwave. It holds up fine.

I used this squash for a couple different experiments. The first one had potential but wasn’t perfect: squash pancakes. I used it as I would have a potato. The middle had too much moisture so it was a little slimy inside, but it tasted good. Maybe I’ll attempt it again sometime.

Today’s experiment went better. After cooking up some chopped-up garlic in Earth Balance, I tossed some squash in, followed by basil, and just warmed it through. I couldn’t eat a whole meal’s worth of it, but it’d be a perfect side dish.


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