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again with the tempeh

I’m hittin’ hard with the tempeh. If I eat it enough for long enough, I should grow to love it.

What we’ve got here is a BLOT (bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato) sandwich. If I had avocado, it would have been a BLOAT…probably won’t ever see that on a menu. I used Lightlife smoky strips, all organic and incredibly un-early-spring-tasting vegetables, and Dave’s Killer 21-grain bread. It was the first bread I’ve bought since inheriting the bread machine and it’s still worth the five bucks.

I’m not surprised I liked the sandwich—the tempeh is cut super thin, thinner than I’m able to cut when I make fakey bacon. The smoky flavor is pretty light. It’s like gateway tempeh. I could see someone trying this first then being led to thicker, meatier tempeh. I prefer my homemade fakey bacon, but this is still good and really, really easy to make.

I love ten-minute dinners.


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