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I don’t know that I’ve ever cleaned my plate at Paradox. Not because the food is sucky, although I really don’t care for the veggie burger (mushy). It’s because you get so much food. This time around, it was my own fault.  I got the soup and salad—miso and deluxe garden—and fries with spice.

No dressing on the salad, which throws every server I’ve ever ordered from. When another person brought us the food, she had to double-check. “I don’t see any dressing on here. What did you ask for?” I actually asked for a lemon wedge, but I guess the guy didn’t write that part down. For lack of a better phrase, it was a garden-variety salad, nothing special and nothing gross. The miso soup was pretty light and had a bunch of vegetables in it but no tofu.

There’s fries…then there’s fries with spice. For an extra quarter you can bump up your average diner fries to these beautious things. They taste like taco fries, which I’ve been told lies in the cumin. In that case, these fries might be good for everything from anemia to arthritis. (I realize these are very close alphabetically, not allowing much to fall between them, but I was speaking about the subject matter and not their location in the dictionary—the point is cumin is very good for you and that’s a perfect excuse to eat fries.)

Oh, and guess what Tom got. That’s right, nachos. Who saw that coming? If you compare them with the Vita Cafe nachos, aside from the lighting, these look like they have way more stuff on them. Tom can’t say that they taste any different. It’s the only thing I’ve seen him order at either of these places…except the very first time we were at Vita when we were just visiting Portland. He had the tofu “fish” & chips. He has no memory of this, but I do and it’s my blog, so sit on it, Potsie. (Yes, that’s how it’s spelled; I looked it up.)

Next time I’ll try to strong-arm Tom into ordering something else. For the good of the land.  And I’m really going to get the corn cakes next time. I keep almost ordering them then going with something else. They sound really good.


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