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night and day

Friday night was pretty sweet. We’d gotten a check for some freelance work on the same day as Tom’s first paycheck…and I found out that our Federal Consolation Compensation Check won’t be in the mail until June, meaning it’s not lost in the mail due to our change of address (yet). So margaritas were in order—as was a trip to the store to pick up Scrabble. How did we go so long without Scrabble? You can’t play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit every night.

I’d picked up a big ol’ bunch of strawberries earlier in the day so we figured we may as well skip the packaged margarita mixes. They’re all the same: strawberry puree, lime juice, corn syrup, and some other acids and colors and stuff. We just added lime juice and agave nectar to our strawberries, ice, and silver tequila. Especially on a 90° evening, it hit the spot.

And no, I don’t care if that’s not a margarita glass. I’m not going to buy something to use it once a year.

Saturday morning we ripped open the sample bag of Bob’s Red Mill organic 7-grain pancake & waffle mix I’d gotten at Vegfest. As you can see, the directions were modified for the audience. I went with the egg replacer option and added some cinnamon too. I remembered too late that I had an apple sitting in the fridge, even though I’d specifically looked at that apple the night before and said, “You’re goin’ in my pancakes.” They were pretty good. I almost added more mix because they were liquidy, but I waited a minute and all those whole grains drank it up. I don’t know if I’d buy this, given that pancakes are so easy to make from scratch.

Sharing my plate is a bowl of some more of those strawberries and some Trader Joe’s pears (the kind in the glass jar with grape juice). Since the strawberries weren’t really up to par (still too early around here?), the grape-juicy pears helped quite a bit. I still have a handful of strawberries left; maybe I’ll just freeze them for smoothie use at a later date.


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