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is there anything you can’t do?

Oh, nutritional yeast, you fabulous fungus, you couldn’t possibly comprehend how much I love you. You brighten up my popcorn, my tater tots, my tofu. I have to fight off the cat so I can lick my own fingers clean. And you give my body good stuff to soak up and turn into a better me.

A little over the top, perhaps. A little—nutritional yeast really is that good. A friend of mine who’s coming over to the dark side…


…asked about basic vegan meals and staples, and I kept coming back to nutritional yeast. It’s the otherwise missing ingredient.

I prefer Red Star, which my Whole Foods just happens to sell in bulk. I’ve tried a couple of others and they’ve lacked the tanginess of Red Star. It’ll work in most things, but when it’s the main event—like when it’s topping popcorn—you really notice the difference.  

In 2 tablespoons of the large flake (available in smaller bits but I get the large then smash it up if I need to), you’re looking at 1 gram of fat, 4 grams of dietary fiber, 8 whopping grams of protein, and more B vitamins than you can shake a stick at, including 133% of your RDA of B12.

What are some of my favorite ways to use nutritional yeast?
·In a shaker mixed with garlic and onion powders, pepper, and salt (ready to go on all things potato)
·Baked tempeh
·Breaded tofu


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