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agave nectar, just because

Continuing with the idea of vegan staples, I remembered a little piece I wrote about agave nectar—mostly to agave nectar—a while ago, when I was the copy editor for Chevy High Performance magazine*. I found it and thought it was the perfect retort to “Why not honey? It’s not like you slaughter or milk the bees.” I know honey is a touchy subject; some eat it freely, some let it slide if it’s in food but won’t buy a jar of it, and others are totally against it. It’s just easier for me to abstain completely from it so I don’t have to worry about what the bees ate (pesticides, GMOs) or how ideal the beekeeper was (bees getting smashed while moving the hives around and whatnot). For me, I figure agave nectar is right there, so why not go with what’s basically an animal-free honey? Light for sweetening iced tea (and margaritas) and dark for oatmeal, agave’s got you covered.

So here it is, my rambling on agave nectar while waiting for the weekend:

Because i apparently can’t make it through a Friday afternoon without another hit of caffeine—maybe I’m no better than those Monster-chugging car geeks I work with—I made myself some tea (2 bags: earl grey and orange spice). For the sweetening, I turned to my friend agave nectar.

Oh, agave nectar, you remind me so of honey, but you’re never grainy. And you’re a cleaner sweet than honey, like codeine compared to hydrocodone. You’re what I want sugar to taste like. And with your low glycemic index, you don’t make diabetics freak out. I dig that.

But when I tried to release you from your squeezy bottle into my mug o’ tea, you wouldn’t budge. That’s when I remembered with glee—it’s a new bottle. You know what that means: a tamper-proof seal to be removed. A little, foamy plastic disk coated with agave. It’s mine to lick it clean, a pure tongueful of agave nectar without the shame of having squeezed you from the bottle directly into my mouth.

Can I ride this pleasure wave for the remaining two and a half hours of work? One can only hope.

*Please note the car geeks were perfectly lovable. We just agreed to disagree on a lot of things, including the value of Monster and other such “power” drinks.


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