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voodoo too

It began with some letters in the window of an old building—I don’t remember exactly what they were, something like coming soon hot dogs and massage. It was funny enough that we knew it was shenanigans. And it inspired us to spend hours coming up with new ridiculous ideas for a business: hamburgers and handwriting analysis, tapas and toe rings, you get the idea.

Back to the building. There was a quiet air of activity about it. And it built. And built. Then I saw the sign: coming soon voodoo doughnuts too. I found them on Myspace and wrote about it here. The very next day we heard the drums. Could it be the high school band practicing? It got closer and closer, louder and louder, until we had to run to the window to see what it was. This, my friends, is what it was. (There are more clips on Youtube.)

After a bit of ceremony, the throngs filed in for their doughnuts (standing patiently and orderly in line as I’ve noticed happens here—even at a bar). Without ever having sampled the wares, I was in love. Anyone who can have this much fun with a doughnut joint would surely put some of that love into their doughnuts. Not wanting to join the mob, however, I waited it out for normal business hours, which someone in my building was kind enough to clue the rest of us in on (taken in a dark hall on my phone).


So Monday night, I hightailed it down there to pick up a few. Yes, it was after my food curfew, but this was a special occasion. The girl behind the counter listed off the vegan varieties, and I noticed they were all yellow cake doughnuts. I’d read about chocolate cake ones on Stumptown Vegans, so I asked about them. She said the chocolate ones were “never really vegan.” What’s all that then? I’m hoping she was ill-informed or just crazy, because the alternative is that somebody’s lyin’. So what did we get?

We got a glazed, a frosted with sprinkles, a frosted with toasted coconut, and a chocolate frosted with peanuts. Split over two sittings, we tried them all. The Best of Plate honor goes to the peanut one. Not too sweet, the peanuts balance it all out and play off the mildly banana flavor of the doughnut. The sprinkles doughnut was almost inedibly sweet—even with a hair-on-yer-chest-strong cup of coffee; I think the white frosting is just too sugary. They had others, but I think the chocolate-peanut’s got me covered.

It’s not an everyday sort of doughnut (not that anyone should eat doughnuts every day), but the next time I get a hankerin’, it’s good to know there’s one waiting just around the corner. One that can get this many people excited about a sugary fried circle of dough.



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