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do you really need an excuse for a burrito?

Sunday night was going to be a hummus-making, pasta-eating night, but we’d hiked all day in Bridal Veil (and shot about 240 photos), and having not hiked in close to two years and not wrapped my knee early enough in the descent, 8.2 miles and 2500 feet in elevation pushed cooking to the…I was going to say “back burner,” but that’s such an unclever, accidental pun. There was just no way we were cooking. So Laughing Planet it was. For the second time in a week.

Whatever. It’s a burrito, probably the healthiest food there is. How can you feel guilty about vegetables, beans, and rice? It’s ridiculous that we don’t make them at home more often, but for a quick meal when you’re running around (or can barely walk another step), you could do a lot worse.

Oddly enough, Laughing Planet is where I ate my first burrito ever. They’d always frightened me, what with the potentially mushy beans and the mixing of foods together in a little packet. But a couple of years ago, when we were just visiting, a friend took us there and I took the plunge. A veggie burrito, hold the cheese. I didn’t even remember the place until I saw the booth at Vegfest and the guy asked, “Have you been to the restaurant before?” I answered, “I don’t remember,” looking to our friend because it did seem familiar. I know I came off looking quite the stoner, but I was just trying really hard to remember. And if I started caring what people thought of me I just wouldn’t be me, now would I?

I read a review on Citysearch or something where the reviewer complained about the premiums for vegan cheese and the like. I don’t mind. When a coffee joint charges 50¢ extra for soymilk I give ’em a frown because so many people opt for soymilk that you know they’re making a profit from it, but when it’s an ingredient that maybe they don’t go through so quickly, I understand it costs them more to have it on hand. And I rarely order the stuff anyway. Tom substitutes tofu for the chicken usually, but honestly, I can barely get through the thing as it is.

And which location is best? Dunno. The backyard seating on SW Belmont is quiet and comfy, but I think my burrito was made with a little more love at the NW 21st one. And those are the only two I’ve been to.


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