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vegans win again!

This is what I use as the subject in e-mails I send to my family about news stories that ultimately point to, well, vegans winning again. Things like vegetarians averaging higher in intelligence and vegans being less susceptible to arthritis, certain cancers, heart disease (and on and on and on).

Today’s is an old story, BSE (mad cow). In humans, of course, it’s Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and yes, humans have died from it. For weeks now I’ve been following the protests in South Korea, which are prompting the dismissal of presidential aides and cabinet members. Upwards of 80,000 people in some of the protests against the importing of U.S. beef. Why? Because the U.S. factory farming/agribusiness sucks at testing and enforcement of restrictions on feeding cows (herbivores) other cows (and poultry litter, blood, other things that aren’t grass). As is the case with Japan, the ban on U.S. beef is an on-and-off affair, as our government pressures them into lifting the ban until they find a bones or spinal tissue (which are no-nos) and put the ban back in place. The new agreement we’re trying to make with South Korea is that we promise not to send beef from cows older than 30 months, since BSE is most common in cows 4 or 5 years old.

The point of all this that’s never mentioned in any of these stories? What happens to beef that doesn’t meet the standards of other countries? We eat it here. Well, you eat it here if you eat beef. (Hi Dad!) 

Vegans win again!


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