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I’ve mentioned Coconut Bliss a couple of times since my introduction to it at Vegfest. We looked at the Naked Coconut and Espresso flavors. Well, I figure I should probably explore all the flavors if I’m to maintain any sort of journalistic integrity. (So hard-hitting, I know.) Today I bring you Dark Chocolate and Mint Galactica.

I don’t care if you hate coconut, you will love this “ice cream.” The Dark Chocolate is so light and chocolaty that I wolfed it down. I could have had a big ol’ scoop in a waffle cone or a sundae. The Mint Galactica is a peppermint base with little chocolate flakes in it. This is more like the other flavors I’ve had in that I ate it in tiny bites, savoring it.

They’re all the same in that they’re clean-tasting. You don’t have that gross feeling dairy ice cream gives you, where you need a drink of water when you’re done. And it leaves your arteries just as clean from greasy gunk! (Win-Win!)

So far, it’s just available in the Western U.S., but it’s only a matter of time before this taste sensation sweeps the nation. Check out the map to see if you can get you some. And if not, e-mail them to let them know to target you next.


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