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tryin’ to heat the whole neighborhood

So it still got pretty hot yesterday…and yes, I turned on the oven. I don’t think I broke any laws because we didn’t have an oven fighting an air conditioner. (We might have central air here, but I’m not sure—the building has A/C and we do have vents and a thermostat, but we’ve never tried it.) It didn’t heat up the apartment that much and, well, I wanted pizza.

I made a base out of Earth Balance, olive oil, dried herbs, garlic and onion powders, and nutritional yeast. Then the vegetables are artichoke hearts, garlic, green peppers, olives, onion, scallions, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes.

We were thinking about the blackout in New York, trying to remember what we ate. I’m sure we were trying to clean out the freezer and fridge before everything went bad. But we didn’t want to use the oven and couldn’t use the toaster oven. I just don’t remember what we did. Whatever it was, we’d be screwed here because everything’s electric, even the stove. It’d be PB&J and room-temp salads, I guess. Fingers crossed for no blackout.

Oh yeah, I forgot to wish my mom’s new kittens good luck and get well. She adopted two sisters through the Humane Society via Petsmart and, as adopted kittens usually are, they were sick, sick, sick. The mostly black one had it easier with worms and some other intestinal bug, but the mostly white one got hit with distemper, so this 2-pounder had to go through some pretty intense IV therapy and a very miserable week of 50-90% fatality. But here they are, on their way to recovery—with some very creepy glowy-green eyes. The extra sucky part is that it took the Humane Society three days to check their messages—my mom was trying to warn them they had a very deadly, very contagious disease floating around (whether they had their shots or not). When they finally called her back, they said a couple other little ones were ill. So these two are pretty lucky. My mom said they’re even playing together, always a good sign.


One thought on “tryin’ to heat the whole neighborhood

  1. thanks for the nod on the little ones. They are really better now. Exploring the entire house, stalking each other. Quite entertaining. Then comes snuggle time. Thursday is doctor day and I am quite sure we will get a good report. It was scary , but worth it all. Such curious creatures!! Sure wish Madchen were here to play with them. She would love pouncing on them.

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