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…and spices too

If you haven’t seen Dead Man, then go watch it now. There’s a scene where Iggy Pop’s character is being defensive about his beans and the way he says “and spices too” makes me laugh every time.

The point of all this is my trip to Penzey’s. Before we moved here, I made sure we had access to one—otherwise I would have had a lot more stocking up to do in L.A. (Torrence, actually). Spices and herbs, that’s what they do. Big bulk bags of paprika (Hungarian or California, you decide) and stock bottles of vanilla extract, cinnamon that tastes like cinnamon and celery salt that tastes like celery salt. They have small bottles too, if you need a bottle, and everything’s very reasonably priced. It’s not cheap; the garlic powder I bought was $5.59 for a half pound…but you can pay that for a 2-ounce bottle of the grocery store variety. So wait, that does sound kinda cheap.

It’s a bit of a trek from Portland, considering the amount I usually drive (I’ve filled my tank once since moving here four months ago); it’s all the way out in Chainstoria, separated from Portland by such gems as Area 69, which apparently has some really great DVD specials, and Passionate Dreams, where you can get a private show. Who knew? It sort of felt good to get in the car and go, Six by Seven on the stereo, warm enough weather to drive with the windows down but not so hot to give you sweatback. A mild summer drive to the spice store. Yeah, sometimes it pays to be unemployed.


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