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american cookin’

So there’s no red, white, and blue jello mold. No hot dogs on the grill or potato salad. But after cooking today, I did look at it and think, “That’s so American…sort of.”

Dinner doesn’t get much more square than this. That is clearly a meat, starch, and a veg. The meat is my first crack at the Veganomicon chickpea cutlet. You can so believe the hype on this one—when I read about something on every vegan blog, the rebel in me figures it can’t be that good and I’m not getting roped into this one, but this recipe is most likely a new standby. It’s much like a fake chicken; I can see it in a sandwich, in a “chicken parm” situation, and I’m thinkin’ it might even be good cold. (I have one left over so I’ll find out tomorrow.)

The starch is cracked wheat bulgur, cooked with vegetable broth. I’ve never made this before, so I followed the soaking directions for fluffier results, adding boiling broth to the bulgur then letting it set an hour before simmering. I don’t know how it would have turned out otherwise, but I liked what I had.

And the veg is a French green bean (freedom bean?) steamed then sauteed with garlic and red pepper flakes. That’s some peppy beans.

What’s more American than chocolate chip cookies? These are from VWAV, but with some cinnamon, coconut, and replacer for one egg. I don’t know what I do but just following the recipe gives me a really dry cookie. Adding the egg replacer just works for me. What I forgot this time is that I usually halve the recipe. So now I’ve got four dozen—well, three and a half now—cookies.

Now I just have to sit and wait for the fireworks. And to my family in Chicago, maybe next year. (I know I say that every year, but I mean it. And you guys don’t even blow stuff up the way you used to. We’ve all gotten old.)


2 thoughts on “american cookin’

  1. Yum! I’ve heard (and experienced) the cookie dryness of that recipe. Apparently the author recommends, on her message board, to really cream the margarine & sugar for a long time till fluffy. But I usually just add a splash of soy milk & they turn out. Next time I’ll try an egg replacer like you did, because your cookies look perfect!

  2. your family in Chicago misses you terribly, but we get to hear from you so much by your blog. I again will keep my fingers crossed for next year.

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