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if you happen to be in portland

I found it! At Zupan’s Market, the fancy-pants grocery store, which doesn’t smell at all like mold or urine, I found the instant espresso powder I use in my blendy coffee drink. It was only $3.69—the jar looks tiny, but it goes a long way. I got it at the Uptown one, at fancy-pants W Burnside at 23rd, but I know there’s a Zupan’s on SE Belmont, over by Laughing Planet and Paradox.

And this has nothing to do with vegan anything; I’m just trying to help a brother out, as the kids say. If you were ever 16 and in love in the late 80s/early 90s, it may be of interest to you that The Jesus and Mary Chain are playing the Wonder Ballroom on July 17. At $32 before service charges (fewer charges at the box office), it could be considered pretty steep for a rock ‘n’ roll show at a place that looks like you could hold the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby in it, but it’s cheaper than time travel (unless you go the Somewhere in Time route, then all you’d need your old clothes from storage and a tape recorder).


3 thoughts on “if you happen to be in portland

  1. Cool! They also have it at Fred Meyer stores, but I think it was much more expensive. I have to hide/horde it from my boyfriend when he comes over, because it’s so precious!

  2. They have it at Fred Meyer? Why did I have such a hard time finding it elsewhere in this country? Only at the pee store in NYC and nowhere at all in LA. And another point goes to Portland.

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