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beater-lickin’ good

What did I have for lunch today? A leftover chickpea cutlet and way too much frosting. No, not together. I made a batch of fluffy buttercream frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and there were these beaters with frosting on them. And a spatula too. What was I going to do, wash the frosting off? I wouldn’t feel so bad, but because this was my first batch, there was a lot of taste-testing going on throughout the frosting-making process.

I don’t have any photos yet—I’ll be making cupcakes for my birthday this weekend, so I wanted to get started making little flowers and bugs and things with the frosting. I’ve never done this before so I need experimentation time. I found an index of basic techniques on Wilton’s site. Most have photos and step-by-step instructions, including which tips you need. Check it out—there’s kind of a creepy-looking pig on there…not really what I’d be going for if I wanted a pig on my cake.

Some other good sites for inspiration are the VCTOTW blog and the vegan cupcakes flickr pool. And then there’s always Martha.

I don’t think I’m going to fight the urge to make each cupcake wildly different. I know it’ll mean a lot of work, but it should be fun work, like cleaning beaters with your tongue. And who knows, I can’t draw or paint, but maybe frosting sculpture is my thing. My hidden talent.

By the way, Portland people, I just picked up Earth Balance at Whole Foods for $2.69.


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