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indoor garden update

Well, it’s been about two months since I set up my indoor shelf garden. It’s been strikes and gutters, but overall I’m pleased. Check out the “before” photos here and you’ll see a lot has changed.

I changed the lighting a bit for a less bulky but more effective setup. The scallions didn’t make it and the cilantro is almost dead (my friend’s cilantro didn’t make it either), but we’ve got some rather productive food babies here too.

Let me strss that unless you’re getting free seeds or cuttings and you’ve got wire shelving on hand, this is not going to earn its keep, food-dollar-wise. This is a learning process, a hobby. One day I hope to see these plants among many others in a permanent outdoor garden. Right now they’re like a female firstborn to a royal family, of some use but not enough.


Check out the pepper—it’s a pepper! It’s the only one so far, but it’s still pretty exciting. We get to eat that! It should still turn red, given its name, long red cayenne.

And here’s the first tomato. I don’t think it’ll get much bigger so it should start reddening up anytime now. I’ve got a few finished blossoms just a couple of weeks behind this one, so before too long I should see the next generation of little green tomatolings.

The basil was slow-going for a long while, but I think it’s sort of turned a corner. It had been growing too tall and skinny to support its own weight, so I just poked it down deeper into the dirt, then it started to fatten up and grow a bunch of leaves. I’m really happy with how this is doing.

The rest of this is doin’ fine. The catnip hasn’t flowered, but Mädchen digs the leaves anyway. The rosemary’s doin’ its rosemary thing. And the avocado trees should make some avocados in a decade or three. I’m still just amazed that I got the pit trick to finally work—twice!

I think I’ll eventually try an already-growing cilantro plant and maybe a berry of sorts. We won’t be looking at houses for at least a year and a half, so my little shelf has some more work to do. But I seriously daydream about planting a backyard garden (and having my own washing machine and being able to paint murals on our walls).


2 thoughts on “indoor garden update

  1. My tomato is a Tiny Tim, so they’re only going to get to about 1 inch in diameter. I don’t know much more than the little info sticks tell me. I do pollinate them with a paint brush, but other than that it’s love and luck.

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