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biscuit cutters, who needs ’em?

I do…or at least I think I do.

After making VWAV biscuits (mmmmm, biscuits) and Vegan Yum Yum’s lemon maple scones (which surprisingly tasted a little odd—maple-lemon ratio?), I realized the rim of the glass just won’t cut it sometimes. maybe my glass is too thick but it squishes my edges a little too much, so I don’t get the good, even puffing up. I needed the right tool for the right job.

After striking out at Fred Meyer, I headed over to Williams-Sonoma, where I was sure to find biscuit cutters of all sizes—or not. They had a set (tied together with an attractive ribbon) for $15. Not crazy money, but I didn’t figure I needed five sizes so I probably shouldn’t buy five sizes. I asked a girl working there if they had individuals and she referred me (probably against store policy but damn sweet of her) to Sur La Table*. Sure enough, I found individuals as well as a set of three for $2.95. Suck it, Sonoma.

Then I made VWAV chocolate chip drop scones (minus the extra sugar on top), which of course require no cutters.

*Just a quick mini-rant here. There’s a chick working here who gets on my nerves to no end. I hate going into this place because of her. She’s probably my age but she calls everyone “dear” and gets in everyone’s face, asking what you’re going to make with whatever you’re buying. I’ve stopped being polite with her. My answer to all her questions will now be “irrelevant” (as in it’s none of your business, lady).


2 thoughts on “biscuit cutters, who needs ’em?

  1. If it makes you feel any better Williams Sonoma isn’t doing very well right now. I guess the economic downturn has hit high end kitchen retailers. Well, I guess that means Sur la Table is in the same boat unless all the W&S customers left and went to SLT!

  2. well, i feel bad for any employees who lose their jobs. BUT aside from wedding gifts, i don’t think i have a need for w-s.

    sur la table does have the cooking school aspect to it–and they do seem to carry both the high- and low-end stuff. i found chocolate extract, cupcake liners, a short rolling pin, and my biscuit cutters and didn’t feel like i was being ripped off. i don’t need ribbons on my cooking tools.

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