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I’ve been here (Portland) for five months now. All that time our bikes have been held prisoner (by us) in our building’s bike storage room. We don’t have fenders on them, which means unless it’s super summery we run the chance of being covered in street water, and I need to rip the basket of the front of my bike and put a rack on the back so I’m not constantly steering to compensate for that wicker pendulum.

But yesterday was so dern pleasant that we had to air-up the tires and explore this little city of ours a bit. And what better destination to hit whilst gettin’ yer exercise on than the milkshake shack? We finally made it over to Sip, that silver beacon outside the People’s Co-op that everyone’s been talking about. I got the Mocha shake, which gave off that soy now-n-aftertaste but was enjoyable enough after the first few pulls of the straw. Another flavor may have worked better with the soy-heavy ice cream, maybe the Orange Creamsicle. Tom got the Post-Standard juice: apple, carrot, ginger, lemon, and beet. He failed to warn me that it was room-temp, so when I went in for a taste I almost gagged. He had no problem with the temperature, and I’m sure I would have liked it had it been cold.

It’s always cool having a place where you can order whatever you want and not have to ask questions about ingredients or worry about what you may unwittingly be consuming, but I think for $10 I just would have liked to have liked it better. I really couldn’t help thinking that I could make these at home better. And I wish we’d have gone inside to check out People’s—we didn’t bring our locks and were not about to leave our bikes outside by their lonesome to find new caretakers. But now that we know how close it is (by bike), I’m sure we’ll get over there soon. But not today. Today is for hiking o’er by Mt. Hood. (Thanks again, Portland.)


2 thoughts on “finally

  1. I am so glad you had a chance to try Sip! I agree, they are spendy but I imagine his profit margin is very small considering all of those ingredients are expensive! I bet you could make an awesome shake at home b/c I have seen posts about those amazing looking coffee blended drinks. I have yet to try it but I am so worried I will screw mine up.

  2. Oh, I don’t mind paying for good food; I just wanted it to perfectly suit my taste. A bit presumptuous, sure. Still glad to have supported them and I’m sure I’ll go back to give something else a try.

    And you cannot screw up the blendy coffee drink. If it’s too sweet, you add more coffee and blend some more. If it’s too strong, add more milk and blend some more. By the time you fill the blender you’ve got to come up with something good.

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