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ah, the harvest

That’s right, kids. I harvested my first tomato from my indoor garden. The better news is that there are 19 more just a few weeks behind it. This is the first food item I’ve ever grown myself so I’m quite the proud little farmer right now, even if it is but a 1-inch Tiny Tim tomato.

And the basil on this pizza came from my plant, which I started from seed (another first). The pizza is an Amy’s roasted vegetable (no cheese) pizza to which I’ve added a bunch of chopped-up artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomato, and onion.

And I just picked up a final, signed copy of our lease renewal, so it appears we’re going to be sticking around these parts a bit longer. And contingent upon a clean background check (fingers crossed, everyone), it looks like I’ve got myself a real, full-time, iron-your-clothes-and-grab-your-travel-coffee-mug J-O-B. It’s been a while.

So a rather anxious week comes to a pretty good end. There’s bound to be cupcakes or some other such photographable food in my near future.


4 thoughts on “ah, the harvest

  1. Thanks! It sounds like you get a bunch more out of your garden. Tom just harvested his single cayenne pepper today too–super exciting. Oh, dreams of a backyard.

  2. The neighborhood, silly. I’m not surprised I’m still lovin’ Portland. But it’s a pretty big deal to find a neighborhood we like right away in our new city. Every other jump, we’ve found ourselves a landing pad for a few months then we have to find a new place. We’re actually renewing our first lease here. and–wait for it–they’re not raising our rent!

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