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hi. i’m michele and i’m vegan.

This is SO not how I introduce myself. I don’t often wear my Herbivore sweatshirt (though I love it and it is super comfy and made by American Apparel) and I never wear message buttons or patches. I don’t have vegan or AR stickers on my car. I don’t do these things because (as those who know me know I’ve said before) I keep my religion in my pants, so to speak. If I were Christian or Jewish or any other religion known for its pendants, I don’t think you’d know it by looking at me either. If it comes up, well then, it comes up.

As I’m about to start in a new office on Monday, I’ve not been too concerned about outing myself; it usually comes up the first time someone brings in treats*, and possibly when you have to go to lunch with a new coworker. Well, I just received an e-mail from my new boss that I should not bring a lunch Monday because we’re all going out.

I decided not to say anything. I’m pretty good at finding something to eat, and Portland eateries tend to have some veg-friendly items on the menu. And I don’t want to prompt anyone to try to accommodate me. I don’t know the area all that well (that neighborhood, not at all) so I can’t make a suggestion, and I probably wouldn’t even if I could.

I guess on Monday, if there’s a “where to go” discussion, I could mention it so I could peep the menu online just to make sure I could find something. But if not, there’s almost always a grilled chicken salad minus the grilled chicken and cheese and all that other crap that’s not vegetables.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m self-hating or apologetic or closeted. It’s just that when someone meets me, I want them to meet all of me as a package. I’m a complex gal, and to hold one part of it out in front of the rest just isn’t my style. I’m not trying to joust anyone here.

*At my last job, they had cake and ice cream for someone’s birthday and it was maybe the third time I’d declined birthday treats (maybe they thought I was on a diet). One woman gave me a “Come on,” so I told her I don’t eat animal products. She then asked, “Well, what about cake?”


6 thoughts on “hi. i’m michele and i’m vegan.

  1. You’ve always been accomodating with your kooky eating habits. I think you’re in a better town for acceptance and understanding than here in lala-land.

    I don’t care what you say, cake is next to godliness, so the eggs in it are actually goodness sent from heaven. But then you don’t believe in that either. Oh well, more cake for me!

  2. Have you missed my cupcake posts, knucklehead? I’m hardly deprived–who needs eggs? No miserable chickens being factory farmed for my cake…AND i can lick the beaters and not worry about salmonella. (Same goes for cookie dough!) If I’d had this cookbook when I was there, you’d have seen the light–the cholesterol-free cupcake light.

    And yes, Portland’s so much easier than L.A. Although I miss Mao’s. I haven’t found vegan Chinese here yet.

  3. I don’t think it’s weird that you don’t want to “out” yourself. Some people get quite a kick out of hassling people who are different, plus it’s none of their damned business anyway, really. Just do what makes you feel comfortable. At my job (a veg cafe), it’s the opposite. You actually catch a lot of shit if you’re a mere vegetarian, not vegan! The world is a funny place.

  4. Thanks for the luck, kids! It’s going well. I’m working downtown, around Main and Broadway. I think I’m by a bunch of carts–time to explore.

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