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If you see this can of coffee, think twice before picking it up, unless you sleep on a mattress filled with money.

Tom usually combines three types of coffee (different roasts) with cocoa nibs and cassia chips for a lovely, full-bodied brew. This weekend, his normal medium-roast wasn’t at Trader Joe’s. I pointed this one out, he put it in the basket, and we headed on over to check-out. The cashier paused when she picked up this can: “Have you had this before? It’s so good. It’s our most expensive coffee.” Considering most of the ones we buy are around $7 each, I thought maybe this was $10. Whatever, we deserve it. I just got a new job.

Out in the car, Tom looked at the receipt… It’s 19-fricken-99. That’s right. $20 for 13 ounces of coffee beans. Oops.

We had to taste this stuff uncut, so we made a pure Kona pot. You know what? It’s good. It’s complex. I just can’t say it’s three times as good as what we normally make.

You know what goes incredibly well with any coffee? Mighty-O Donuts Cocoloco Minis. They’re like Donette Gems but good. (Do you know what Donette Gems are—is Hostess national?) And these babies are stamped proudly with that fat little “V,” not as pretty as the Vegan Society flower but a welcome little packaging shortcut nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “beware

  1. I can tell you it’s drip and when he’s grinding the beans I get nervous because it sounds like he’s grinding them too long. The rest I have to leave to him. I’m trying to get him to do a post with cross-section diagrams and measurements–very scientific.

  2. I’m not 100% sure on the details here, but I heard a rumor that Kona had a relatively small crop of beans this past season, combined with rising costs of fuel and everything else during Summer, what you end up with is an extremely expensive crop.

    Kona has always been on the pricey side of coffee because some swear that Kona, HI has the perfect conditions for growing coffee beans, but the bean costs have been off the charts recently.

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