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gyoza night

It’s a tale as old as time itself: Girl finds vegetable gyoza in the freezer section. Girl gets her hopes up. Girl scans ingredients only to stumble upon “pork fat” or some other such bullroar. Girl says to herself and anyone within whiny muttering distance, “I’ll never have gyoza.”

But oh, my friends, we have a new story tonight: Girl makes emmer-effing vegetable gyoza.

I found these at Trader Joe’s, and other than being shipped in from Thailand, I’ve no complaints. They’re easy enough to cook, browning in a little bit of oil then steaming the rest of the way. I started these once my rice started to simmer, so the timing was perfect. And for little freezer-section dumplings, they were gingery and delightful. And they’ve given me the push I need to get myself some gyoza wrappers and make my own.

And you’re thinking my rice looks a little yellow? Yeah, I rock the saffron from time to time. I’m just fancy like that. I actually think saffron’s kinda ridiculous—I bought it once and use it in rice every once in a while, grinding up a bit just for color. When it’s gone I think that’ll be that. The world’s most expensive spice by weight doing the job of a drop of food coloring…now that’s classy. Oh wait, I think the word I was looking for was wasteful…or stupid.


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