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umweltfreundliches bambus


That means “eco-friendly bamboo,” which is what these gloves are.

Moving from L.A. meant I was going to be facing some sort of real winter, so the quest for a decent pair of gloves was on. Avoiding wool is tough when you’re looking for a quality knitted glove. Those $3 magic-stretch things just won’t do for my ET-phone-home-long fingers—they have to stretch so much they end up mesh, which would be fine if I were in Poison or some other such ’80s hair band, but (sigh) I’m not.

These here gloves are from The North Face, and I picked them up at REI. They come in different sizes, so they’re good for girls and boys. At $15, they’re no more expensive than the others, and they weren’t even made in China. They’re plenty warm so far, not that we’ve really even entered winter. I wore them on my bike ride back home, since the wind over the river can be tough on the knuckles, and they did keep me toasty.

And now that I’ve taken the picture, I can rip off the tag.


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