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I just saw this story today: A couple in Colorado opened their fields to the public to clear out the harvest leftovers and 40,000 people showed up. Traffic was backed up for miles in the name of free potatoes, carrots, and leeks.

People need food, and not everyone can buy the food they need. So just a reminder to everyone who can to find a food bank or food drive and donate food or time. Or donate to Second Harvest (now called Feeding America) or a local food bank, where they can maximize food dollars. Feeding America estimates they can provide four bags (or eight in times of corporate matching programs) of groceries per $1. Skip going out one weekend or home-cook all your meals for a week or make a no-X-mas-gift pact with a friend—and pick up an extra bag of groceries for someone who needs a hand.

Oh, and pets need food too. Food banks have been asking for pet food donations so good, loving pet parents don’t have to abandon animals. Temporary lean times, which many are going through, don’t have to lead to homeless animals.

I live in Portland, where food drives are everywhere, so I put together an extra (pretty hefty) bag of vegan staples on my Trader Joe’s trip for about $20. But there are a lot of places around the country where food drives fall pretty flat. Those places need your cash.


One thought on “food banks

  1. The members of “Feeding Pets of the Homeless” are collecting pet food and taking it to food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens and Meals on Wheels organziations around the country.
    Take some pet food to members in your community. If your community doesn’t have a member contact Feeding Pets of the Homeless to see how you can help to get one started.

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