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sea kittens!

Eat Veggie Sushi

So I’ve had my grumblings over PETA (as have many of us), but they done made me giggle today. The above banner is from their sea kittens campaign to make over the fish image. You can go on the site and dress up different fish in kitten (or biker) costumes—I kinda wish there were more kitten costume choices and less stuff like “German mustache,” because when was the last time you saw a kitty (even a German one) with a big ol’ mustache?

Fish aren’t cute. Some are beautiful and exotic, but you can’t hug a fish. People don’t often count fish as “meat.” I know it was one of the last things I gave up going veg. And it’s easy to dismiss their tiny brains as not capable of emotion and other characteristics people use to decide whether an animal is edible or lovable. The truth is I don’t know if fish feel fear and pain in the way we do. I’ve been told they can and I’ve been told they can’t. I’m not a fish and if I were I couldn’t tell you because I’d be a fish and fish can’t talk. But it’s still humans exploiting another species unnecessarily. (I’m not even going to get in to how our fishing practices have damaged the waters…or how our water practices have poisoned the fish.)

I don’t know how much I project human emotions onto the animals I don’t eat. I might do it. If you’ve never watched an elephant funeral procession, I gotta tell ya, it sure does look like a human one. But I’m not going to not eat elephant because of that. I’m going to not eat elephant because I don’t have to. The same as I’m not going to eat cow because I don’t have to. And I’m not going to eat fish because I don’t have to.

Sea kittens, man, sea kittens.


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