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if you like yogurt…


Let me begin by saying I really never liked yogurt. It’s the tartness. Probably the same tartness that makes other people like yogurt. Oh, and then there’s the whole “active and live culture” thing. Maybe when I taste the tartness I think about the live cultures being active on my tongue and it grosses me out.

Perhaps my taste palette isn’t as mature as it’s supposed to be. Big friggin’ whoop. There’s other stuff to eat.

Why have I bothered with yogurt? It’s a convenient lunch, if your workspace has a fridge. It’s got come calcium and other good stuff thrown in there. And it’s compact, so even if it doesn’t taste great, once you start you’re almost done.

 I used to eat Yoplait back in the dairy days. It was the only one I could stand (the only one I never opened to find little chunks of slightly more solid whatever-it-was). Then for soy yogurt, I opted for Whole Soy because it seemed less chalky than the others. Then I tried this here “cultured coconut milk.” Here’s a secret: It’s friggin’ yogurt! It’s got the same culture-y tartness. It’s got the same consistency. It’s got the same overly compensating vanilla flavor.

I’ve been trying to stretch my palette every which way lately, giving everything a second try, but you know what, I think yogurt has had its chance. I hereby proclaim I am done with yogurt (and cultured fill-in-the-blanks).


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