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I just got an order from Vegan Essentials (had another 10%-off newsletter so I stocked up on dry cat food and tried some new things, including soy curls, so stay tuned) and thought I’d share Merry Hempsters with y’all. They’re located in Eugene, Oregon, and have a ton of vegan hemp products. Tom’s been using the lip balm for a while and we’ve had the tattoo balm even longer, and we couldn’t be happier with them. I just got the analgesic and salve so I can’t report on them, but I can’t wait to get cut or scraped or get my muscles in a tizz.
UPDATE: Tom used the cut & scrape salve on a knuckle cut that kept ripping open, as knuckle cuts are wont to do, and he said it kept the area hydrated and stretchy so it could heal. Nice. 

We’d gotten the unscented lotion (comes in a bottle, not a tube) and can’t find it anywhere. The Merry Hempster’s website only sells by the case, but the wholesale prices are pretty inviting. I wouldn’t want a dozen tubes of muscle rub, but I could see myself going through six bottles of lotion before the end of time.

And let me take this opportunity (again) to remind America how dumb it is not to allow farmers to grow this very useful plant simply because it looks too much like its illegal kin. Companies must import it—that’s right, legal to own but illegal to grow. Got that?

 And here’s my last weekend’s project: a frame from Tank Girl: The Gifting #1. (Call me a geek if it makes you feel better.) I had a big ol’ spare piece of plywood and a projector and I loved the image out of context, just her and the word “adjust.” But the text fit well on this particular piece of plywood and perhaps inspired me to give notice at my job. (Anybody hiring?)


Today, my good buddy, is that very day.


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