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cilantro pesto pizza

We keep giving Hotlips a chance to deliver the perfect pizza. (They haven’t, by the way.) Why? Spicy cilantro pesto. It’s like no other pizza base I’ve tried. Well, having recently given my 2-weeks at work in this crappy job market, our pizza delivery days are over for now. Just the motivation I needed to figure out how to make my own damn spicy cilantro pesto.

So this is my first attempt. Having reserved a bit of cilantro for tacos later in the week, this is almost a whole bunch:

And this is what it turned into, after some time spent in the food ninja with its friends cayenne, black pepper, roasted garlic, salt, and olive oil (You can’t tell but that’s a big colander and this is a tiny bowl):

And this is what it looks like on my pizza. Works for me. Using two kinds of pepper gave it two levels of heat. And cooking mellowed the cayenne quite a bit, so it wasn’t overpowering.

Speaking of cheap livin’ (were we?), what I’ve been doing is making batches of things like pizza dough and french rolls and freezing them. The dough, which fits perfectly in an Earth Balance container, will thaw during a day in the fridge—just have to leave it out on the counter for 30 minutes or so and it’s good to go—and the rolls heat up perfectly in the toaster oven.


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