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snacky treat


I’ve seen tons of references to spicy crunchy chickpeas and have meant to give ’em a whirl for a while now. Well, I finally did it.

I went with onion powder and salt, to keep it simple. I wasn’t sure how strongly the chickpea flavor would come through, and I know there’s an Asian snack I like (don’t remember where it’s from or what it’s called) that’s pretty much chickpea flour, oil, onion, and salt.

I spread a layer of cooked chickpeas in a baking dish and drizzled canola oil over them. After sprinkling a bit of onion powder and salt over them I gave ’em a little shake to coat. I went easy on the onion powder while they were cooking in case it got burny. After about 30 minutes in a 450° oven (with a bit of a shaking midway), I hit them again with salt and onion.

After storing leftovers overnight, I threw them in the toaster oven for a few minutes to refresh.

Super good. Super easy. Super cheap. Snackriffic.


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