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and i thought i could rant

I saw this yesterday on Taste Better; it’s a video rant/response to rants/responses to other video rants. After watching this video and another on his Youtube channel, I took a good minute to think about how I present myself and my arguments for not consuming or using animals. And before I start to sound like I’m just ripping on this guy, let me state two things: First, I only watched two of his many videos, so I may have hit on an unrepresentative sample. Second, he believes strongly in something and he has chosen a benign way to spread his message—as he states over and over, the viewer can choose to turn him off at any time.

Now, I don’t get any mean-spirited comments here, so my frustration never builds to the point this guy’s frustration seems to have gotten. I guess I don’t exactly invite mean-spirited comments. I have a really hard time convincing myself I’m 100% right about anything, so how could I dare tell you that you’re 100% wrong about anything? I was not raised with any absolutes except the knowledge that I will never know everything. All I can do is live my life each day based on my experiences gathered to that point.

So what do I do here? I know not all my readers are vegan. Aside from omni family and friends, the search terms (including, ugh, my name) used to stumble upon this little site make it clear that some people do unwittingly find themselves in the vegan part of town. Do they stick around and try that recipe even though there are no eggs in it? Do they click on that link to get those cool-looking nonleather shoes? Or do they see “nutritional yeast,” shudder, and run away?

I’m inclined to believe at least some stick around. Maybe they heard something about veganism from Oprah. Maybe that pizza looked really yummy. So I type in my ideas, upload my photos, and share links in the hope that maybe so many cows won’t be overbred and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and other such crap, fewer chickens will be debeaked and shocked, and less water and cropland will have to be inefficiently used for food for animals to be used for food for people.

I’m not going to yell at you or call you “murderers.” Ignorance (let the connotation slide and take the word for what it is) makes humans do many cruel things. When you are brought up to believe what you believe, other ways of life can seem silly. (How else do wars get fought?) But attacking you isn’t going to change your mind. Only education can fight ignorance. Only by introducing other possibilities can I hope to make the babiest of steps toward a more compassionate world.

Sure, by not being flashy or promoting myself, I’m limiting my audience, but I’m okay with that. I guess I live most of my life in a loud whisper—if you chance to tune in on it I’ve got some stuff to say, but I know that making you hear me isn’t going to make you listen to me.

UPDATE: Someone just told me the comments were shut off—what a strange and ironic mistake. Anyway, it’s fixed. Y’all can say what you will. Also, he removed this video, perhaps because it ended up on vegan websites and he thinks vegans cause more harm to cows and chickens than conscientious vegetarians (according to his new video).


2 thoughts on “and i thought i could rant

  1. this guy is a doofus and his ideas are shortsighted. it’s my fault that a cow doesn’t get milked? i have nothing to do with cows. they are not part of my life.

    we should perpetuate the dairy industry forever to make sure no dairy cows get slaughtered? that’s as silly as silly gets. all cows die eventually, and with no dairy eaters or “murder eaters” (another dumb phrase made up by people who don’t know how to talk to people outside of their social group), they’ll stop being bred and replaced in an endless cycle of breeding/death/breeding/death.

    what’s this guy’s number? i’m gonna give him an earful… OF POOP.

    i could be much clearer, but i don’t really care, cause i’m GOD and i’m RIGHT and everyone knows this, so you should all just infer the most intelligent statement ever from me, cause that’s the shit i spew. i’m SMART and i want RESPECT. (thanks, fredo.)

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