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Muruku! Say it—do it, it’s fun! These are the snacky treats I based the flavoring of my roasted chickpeas on (yeah, I’ll end a sentence with a preposition—I’m just reckless like that). The onion flavor comes in little strings, and the original and spicy ones are in little piped-out circles. Onion’s all I eat. Tom digs ’em all.

I picked these up for Tom because he needs to fly to Chicago tomorrow for a funeral. My job today was to find him stuff to eat on the plane and at his parents’ house. In addition to these snacky treats (made of rice flour, chickpea flour, sesame seeds, salt, spices, and canola oil) I got him some Clif bars and Tofurky Jurky.

His mom actually called to ask what she should pick up at the store before he gets there. This is the same woman who has—more than once—almost killed him by “accidentally” offering him tree-nutty foods. Vanilla Silk coffee creamer, Earth Balance, and some sort of vegan burger should fill the gaps well enough and might even still be useful after he leaves. And they shouldn’t be too tough to find these days…although I’ll have you know that I ran into a Fred Meyer in vegtastic Portland and couldn’t find a single vegan burger or Tofurky slices.

So with Tom gone, guess who’s eating mushrooms and roasted Brussels sprouts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all weekend. Party at Michele’s!


4 thoughts on “muruku you

  1. These snacky treats are the ones that i used as a guide for my roasted chickpeas recipe.

    thanks, i needed some practice.

    my mom does the same thing, except she takes me right from the airport to the store.

    a funeral? someone old, i hope? geez, did that sound crass? you know what i mean.

    if you guys ever need a ride to whole foods, i’m always on my way there for some reason or another.

    hot cha!

  2. My mom takes us to the store on the way home too. Plus now she has some of the supplies on hand. (Thanks Mom!)

    You might sound crass to some but I got ya–no, this one wasn’t so old. He was like an uncle (a good one) to Tom. As we get older, the funerals will come more and more often. What’s life’s only guarantee?

    And I guess if you’re ever on your way to WF, let me know in time to change out of my pjs. I was going to hit Penzeys to stock up on spices–always a seat for you.

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