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happy accident


Can you tell what these two powders are? If they were in identical bottles and it was very early and you were distracted because it was an emergency travel day, you could easily mix up cinnamon and cayenne. Tom sure did.

Fortunately, he realized his error just after pouring the cayenne on top of the coffee grounds (we ran out of cassia chips), so I was able to spoon most of it out. Most of it.

But guess what. The little bit that was left gave the coffee a little bit of a kick on the back end, kind of like when you add it to chocolate (which our coffee also has in it). And I think it gave me a little metabolic boost too. I don’t know that we’ll do this on purpose very often, but maybe every once in a while.


And check it out—that’s right, mushrooms on my pizza. That’s just a taste of the shenanigans that go on when Tom’s out of town. And the Brussels sprouts are already rinsed, waiting to be roasted for dinner. Who’s missing who now?


2 thoughts on “happy accident

  1. cayenne coffee… awesome. i gotta try that.

    i wonder when one of your blogs won’t scream out to me for a comment.

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