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thanks, boca

I saw on Compassion Over Killing that the latest egg-ridding campaign has coaxed Boca into making all their products egg-free by the end of the year. Now if they could figure out how to get rid of that pesky whey…

And LightLife and Morningstar Farms have agreed to further reduce their egg use in 2009. For LightLife that means five new vegan products.

So our e-mails work.


I also saw a great ad from COK’s MTV campaign—the one with the little girl here eating breakfast. In this picture, she’s just about to drop her bacon. I don’t go in for the snuff-style marketing because I don’t know how effective it is, and I think the plain offering-up of some facts in an interesting way could flip the switch just as easily.

Also, images of mistreated animals can be dismissed as cherry-picked, as though it’s not standard practice. Someone eating oranic, free-range animal products can easily shrug it off with the “knowledge” that their consuption doesn’t lead to misery. I’m glad the videos are around (aside from the fact that the conditions exist), but that might be step 2, when the person sees the ad and says, “I need to know more about this.” I don’t know if some little kid out there watching videos (does MTV still play videos?) should see the violence of a chicken being debeaked or hanging by its feet.


6 thoughts on “thanks, boca

  1. i love how that girl looks more anemic than any vegan i’ve ever met, except for myself when i was on the ‘beer only’ diet.

  2. She’s old-timey. The ad is shot like an old filmstrip. Love it.

    I knew a chick on the vodka-only diet because she was avoiding the carbs of beer. Oh wait, vodka and little white pills with crosses on them that she got from her “diet doctor.”

  3. i knew this guy back in chicago in the 90’s who used to eat those little white things by the handful.

    then he wizened up. you may know him.

  4. i have always wondered why boca & those other brands made “vegetarian” meat & then added egg, cheese or other dairy…why not just go ahead & make it vegan? weird. but glad to hear they are going more vegan.

    • It seems not only pointless, but I don’t care what kind of super deals they’ve got–animal products have to cost more than plants–they’re losing profit. On top of losing the vegan market.

      We’ve all had that look of lost hope when we’re out at a place everyone thought would be fine because they had a “veggie” burger, only to find it had cheese in it. “I’ll have a salad and fries.” Boo.

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