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i’ll say it…

I miss Peeps. Stupid not-vegan Peeps. I used to eat them and love them, not just rip them in half and throw them at people so they get half-Peeps stuck to them and get all mad ’cause they’d have little bits of sugary marshmallow on their clothes for the rest of the day.

But I figure if someone made vegan Peeps (Veeps?) they’d probably get sued.


2 thoughts on “i’ll say it…

  1. Oh! Me too. At Easter, that was the one candy I always looked forward to having.

    One year, I hit up the post-Easter sale at CVS and bought 40 boxes for $.10 each. Needles to say, I never even got through 10 and finally threw them all out around Christmas but those things were so good.

    They really do need to make a vegan version.

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