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Found it! A year after our latest move, I found my pastry cutter. It was way, way, way in the back of my gadget cabinet, stuffed inside the pulp-catcher thing for my juicer. (Well aware of the fact that I’m admitting to not having used the juicer in a year.)

I don’t have many gadgets. Or I should say I haven’t bought many gadgets. The juicers were wedding gifts (I have a citrus juicer too), my blender was a going-away-to-school gift, and we inherited the bread machine from Tom’s mom. We did buy a food processor, which has more than paid for itself in hummus and pesto. And the dehydrator paid for itself after one backpacking trip.

I always considered the pastry cutter a frivolous gadget because you can get the job done with a fork, as I’ve been doing for the past year when making things like biscuits, scones, and pie crust. But I gotta tell ya, this weekend I was making a big ol’ batch of biscuits for a pre-hike breakfast, and I remembered why these things exist: They kick a fork’s sorry ass. The pastry cutter is like brass knuckles in the street fight against flour and fat. In no time, you’ve pulverized your adversary—there’s no fighting back.

I’m willing to pay $10 for this degree of an upper hand in any battle.


2 thoughts on “gadgetry

  1. It is great–the plastic handle is sorta grippy. It’s so much more comfortable than my mom’s (at least 30 years old).

    Never juiced grass before. Sorry. I just looked online for wheatgrass juicers & there are a ton–and wouldn’t ya know it, they’re all way better than every other one!

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