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stop helping!

I promise you food porn tomorrow. Today I rant…again.

I’ve often heard (and repeated) that every vegan is an ambassador. This is true for anyone who sticks out from the crowd. Everybody’s got to have the “I knew a … once and…” story, so whether it’s a Scientologist, a guy who got Botox’d, an Atkinsian, or a vegan, we each serve as a plug-in for people’s anecdotal evidence as to how stupid or awesome we are.

So when Kathy Freston lays down “fact” and “science” (in quotes because she refers to things as facts and science) and comes off like a simpleton, it just doesn’t help the cause. Her latest Huffington Post blog has the second-highest number of comments this week, and guess what, there’s no useful dialogue going on in them; they’re just reactionary comments (as comments are wont to be) but understandably so. She has offered her evidence to prove that vegans are right and meat eaters are unnatural. Like that wasn’t going to light off a fuse or two. 

My 2-pronged frustration with this post:
• You can cite proof that the world is flat. Sure, there’s a whole lot more proof to the contrary, but belief systems are what they are, and for some, fancy photography and biased scientists ain’t gonna change that none. Everyone is biased, cherry-picking evidence to back up that biased opinion, but the key lies in the strength and credibility of your evidence. When you point to the shape of our hands being perfect for grabbing fruit off trees as proof we were meant to eat fruit…um, yeah. Primate hands, opposable thumbs and all, have been known as pretty sweet tool-makers too.
• Who freaking cares? Why bother looking back hundreds of thousands of years to make yourself look right or better or whatever you feel you need to do? The world is what it is today, and we are what we are. We live in practically no way our ancient ancestors did. There are just plenty of perfectly good reasons for today’s humans to live without animal cruelty.

I don’t have an editor. Sure, Tom will tell me when a photo supersucks or I have a typo, but I’m not a vegan author superstar who goes on Oprah. With that kind of superstardom should maybe come some responsibility—or an editor to point out that maybe you’re sounding like a zealot and not helping a bit of a whit. 

(I totally typed this using my fruit-grabber hands.)


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