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pizza party!

Oh yeah, it’s still a good idea.

The other night we went over to our friends’ house for a pizza party. They had a bunch of crusts ready to go and we all brought the toppings—way more than we could possibly use in one night. Amid kitties and an enormous yet perfectly behaved pup—and vodka concoctions of all sorts—each couple created its own pizza. I managed to photograph two of them.

cashew pizza
This is a wheat crust with red sauce, a ton of vegetables (you can see a bit of spinach peeking out the side there), and cashew-based cheese. Our host, of Playfood fame, is a friggin’ wiz at bending cashews to his will. This cheesy topping is blended raw cashews (and some other stuff) just poured over the top, baking into a much firmer consistency.

veg pizza
Of course, with Tom being allergic to nuts, we went a different route with ours. We went with a cheater-pesto base. It’s just a Simply Organic basil pesto envelope made with half the water, plus dried cilantro. Then Tom used FYH mozzarella on his half. This marked the first time I used yellow squash on pizza and I dug it. Not such a winner on its own, but it’s a new must-have on pizza.

I’m more than a little jealous of the cashew eaters—we keep our house nut-free and I try to avoid eating them, just to be safe. My theory is that Tom’s not really allergic to cashews (he has different levels of sensitivity to different nuts, like a walnut will make him break out into a horrible rash and puke but a pine nut could kill him) but I have absolutely nothing to back that up. As one of our friends was poised to rub blended cashew onto Tom’s arm, I declared that there will be no such experimentation until we have health insurance.


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