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rolling the dice at sushi tree

UPDATE: Sushi Tree has since closed down. But check out these photos and go make your own right now!

Sometimes I hate myself for restaurant posts—unless you live in that city, who cares? Then again, people travel. Personally, I make note of vegan options in other cities in case I’m ever there. Also, photos and descriptions of restaurant food are just as useful as those of blogger-prepared food, no?

This sushi from Sushi Tree (fishless food cart at Skidmore & Mississippi in NE Portland), I think, is a perfect example of that. I know I’m gonna try a little something new next time I make sushi at home. Just look at these two rolls:

sushi tree green
This is the Green Dragon Uramaki (rice on the outside). Inside are asparagus, avocado, sunflower seeds, clover sprouts, and cilantro. It’s a mighty big roll, taking me three bites per piece…so that means two bites for a normal, not freakishly tiny mouth. I used to get a green roll at Taiyo in L.A., but I think this one kinda kicked its ass.

sushi tree mega
From the Specialty Mega Uramaki section of the menu, here’s This B Stuffed. Here we’ve got asparagus, clover sprouts, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, carrot, spinach, cucumber, daikon radish, and cilantro, with panko breading joining the sesame seeds on the outside. Again, enormous and somewhat difficult to eat for the tiny-mouthed, but it’s worth the trouble.

I can absolutely make this at home. And it won’t cost $15 for two rolls, either. (For the record, I had leftovers.)

On a not-so-pleasant note, Tom and I had come here on his lunch hour and spent almost the entire time waiting for our two rolls apiece. There were no other customers; it just took almost 10 minutes a roll. She’d only been open for a week and said her helper wasn’t there that day so she was scrambling. And she gave us one of the rolls for free. I understand and it was a lovely gesture. It would have been fine if Tom hadn’t taken his rolls with him back to work to find cream cheese—the only nonvegan ingredient on the menu—in his cheeseless rolls. I e-mailed her to let her know and have yet to receive a reply. Strike two and a half.

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Sushi Tree, and the stuff in the Smoky Tofu roll isn’t cream cheese; it’s a thick miso mayo. And she’s working on revamping her mobile kitchen and reliable employees. I’m more than willing to give it another go.

Let’s hope this was just an off day for her and that things have smoothed out a bit. It’s crazy awesome that there’s a fishless sushi place here. It’s one of the things Tom and I talk about doing once our benefactor makes him/herself known to us and opens that bottomless satchel o’ cash—that and Vizza, our fantasy vegan pizza joint.

veganmofoSo there’s Day 1 of VeganMoFo. That means every weekday for the whole of October—or Rocktober, if you’re so inclined—you’ll see new content here. I may have some special theme days, like Remedial Mondays, where I look at basic stuff, aimed at the newly veg or the veg-curious. Not sure yet. Early days.


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