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more vegan doughnuts

acme trio

Why is it that we now have at least four locations in our wee city where I can go pick up a fresh vegan doughnut (in addition to almost-as-fresh-from-Seattle Mighty-Os at Whole Foods)? Sweetpea’s got ’em on Saturday, Voodoo (SW and NE) has a bunch of flavors available ’round the clock, and now Acme on SE Powell has joined the club.

Food Fight! had mentioned it on their Facebook page so I checked it out the next day, whilst running errands, and talked with the owner, I guess. He’d just teased it on his website and hadn’t started yet. He said one day he realized that most of the fillings and glazes were vegan anyway, so why not just make the doughnuts vegan too? Is it really that simple? Why don’t other places do this? Really! If you run a doughnut shop (or bakery or whatever), if you offer even one vegan option every day, word will spread and you’ll be that cool shop with the vegan doughnuts. Market them as “dairy free” or “cholesterol free” if you need to–omnis have dietary restrictions too. Yes, I know my audience and am well aware of the fact that none of you run a doughnut shop (or bakery or whatever) with no vegan options. Just spoutin’ off to the ether again, putting it out there to the hive mind.

Acme had three yeasty, risen vegan varieties (as opposed to cakey) when I stopped in a couple of weeks later, dragging my not-really-awake-yet friend with me on my fact-finding mission. What was a girl to do but try them all? Pictured are a plain glazed, maple glazed, and a berrylicious jelly. The consistency isn’t as feathery as an omni doughnut—I do still remember that superfluff feeling of the doughnuts of my youth—but it wasn’t too chewy, either. And they’re rather spicy—a little too much cinnamon for my friend, but I dug ’em. And the berry filling was not a straight jelly but light and fluffy and, yes, berrylicious.


So thanks yet again, Portland. And to the rest of this doughnut-makin’ country, what the hell are you waiting for?


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