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i’m glad i spent it with you

Sappy, I know. Tom and I just marked 13 years together. We’re not quite sure of the exact day (it was an accident) so we picked one and wrote it on the calendar…and if we happen to look at the calendar close to that day, we remember to eat cake or something. Well, we saw it this year so we ate cake or something.

veg pizza anniversary
Dinner was this vegetable pizza. It’s my homemade Amy’s rip-off, which I’ve shown here before, but this time I did a little something different by adding pepper, herbs, and nutritional yeast to the onion base. Big improvement. Richer, less sweet. Up top I’ve got artichoke hearts, garlic, sun-dried tomato, olives, yellow squash, green peppers, and red onion.  

charlie brown
After some digestion time, we walked over to Sweetpea (so dangerous to live so close to an awesome vegan bakery). We got to wear fall coats and it was drizzling ever so lightly. And the sky was so pink it made everything around us pink, including us. 

We fully intended on picking up celebratory cupcakes, but when we saw these beauts there was no question who was coming home with us. The Charlie Brown is a crunchy oatmeal layer topped with a creamy, fluffy, lightly sweet peanut butter layer topped with a thicker-than-you’d-expect chocolate layer. They’re so rich that Tom and I split one. (Leftover bonus!) I used to get a snacky treat sorta like this at Polka Dot Cake Studio in New York (not vegan), on a graham cracker base. You could probably make something similar using the Peanut Buttercream recipe from VCTOTW but with extra peanut butter—just slather it on a crispy cookie/crusty base and top with melted chocolate. Pretty much any attempt at this is going to taste great. Project!


7 thoughts on “i’m glad i spent it with you

    • I could easily make pizza two or three times a week. I always keep dough in the freezer just in case the mood strikes. Fall’s awesome because you don’t have to bargain with yourself over having a 500-degree oven on. (When you’re done cooking, just leave the oven door open–free heat!)

  1. Wow…that Charlie Brown sounds to-die-for! All my favorite things: cookies, peanut butter, and chocolate! I’m gonna have to try and recreate this! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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