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soy curls to the rescue

Last night I tried out a new recipe, which I’ll tell you about later today (have to give it a second chance). It was for kugel, and it was a fantastic failure, probably an even split between my botched execution and inability to eat squishy things. But when it’s getting late and your tummy is growling and it’s too late to even order out, the reason why you’re left with no dinner doesn’t matter a whit of a bit. What is there left to do?

soycurl n rice

Soy Curls to the rescue! I had some leftover rice pilaf in the fridge and a quarter bag of Soy Curls in the cabinet. A little fakey chicken broth powder, minced garlic, red pepper, and parsley—and maybe 20 minutes—later, a surprisingly tasty and filling dinner. At around $4 a bag, these things are a pantry powerhouse. As we get into food bank season, I know what I’m adding to my bags, because you know damn well your monetary donation isn’t going toward these. And especially in my area, I know there are vegans at the food banks who are probably sick of beans.


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