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cakes of the cup variety

saint cupcakes

A funny thing happened while I was running errands: I accidentally went to the cupcake shop.

Saint Cupcake isn’t strictly a vegan cupcake shop, but they do have vegan versions of at least chocolate, vanilla, and an additional rotating flavor available every day. Not having been there before, I walked in and asked for “one of each vegan cupcake.” So that’s a chocolate-chocolate, a vanilla-vanilla, and a carrot cake. And they put my sweet little pretties in this super luxe box.

Last night Tom and I split the chocolate and vanilla, in the name of science, and we were both pretty darn impressed with the chocolate—heavy on the cocoa. Tom also gave the vanilla a thumbs-up, but I decided that I don’t think I like vanilla/yellow/whatever cake. I’d made some from VCTOTW and didn’t care much for them but I figured I’d done something wrong, but I didn’t care much for this one either. No bother, I do just fine with my chocolate. Oh, and the carrot! We just split the carrot cupcake a bit ago and both appreciated its spicy sass and fresh, carrot-y goodness.

Of course, cupcakes aren’t difficult to make, but sometimes it’s nice to pick up some treats on the fly. Or to just be lazy and splurge on the convenience. With advance notice Saint Cupcake will also do mini vegans. And they do weddings and ship too.

saint cupcake


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