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thanks, seattle

Oh, but they do taste better fresh. Last weekend we drove up to Seattle to see some old friends. And, of course, my list of stuff to do included pretty much just a bunch of places to eat, including Mighty-O Donuts. Guilt over the fact that one of our party was gluten-free couldn’t keep me from sampling these sweeties. We get these delivered to our Whole Foods, but they do seem to suffer from the commute. Straight from the source they are soft and light and, well, fresh. I got the Pirate’s Treasure, a spiced rum cake coated with coconut. Tom’s is a chocolate cake covered with cinnamon sugar.  

One thing that surprised me is that in this organic, vegan donut shop, the default milk in your coffee is the cow kind. I only asked “That’s soy, right?” to make sure they weren’t using ricemilk. So if you go, now you know.

The other super-amazing-gotta-go destination was Teapot Vegetarian House. All vegan all the time. I’d read a gazillion references to this place and, in spite of the fact that it was upstairs from Subway, I had to go. Pictured above is my lunch, the Bobo Platter: spring rolls, vegetable-filled wontons, tofu rolls, tofu fritters, and satay (sitting on the little grill). I’d like to make clear that it was for sharing and there were leftovers.

Tom got the Curried Vegetable Hotpot. Quality and quantity. The vegetables, tofu, and spices were all perfect. He also got some amazing tea…which we can’t remember the name of…something blue flower something… If you’re there and you see something with “blue flower” in it, order it.

Friend boy ordered Tofu Rolls in Spicy Tomato Sauce. It was sort of like an Asian enchilada, filled with tofu and vegetables and smothered in tomato and a bunch more vegetables. Like the rest of us, he failed to clean his plate, but not for lack of trying.

And friend girl—the gluten-free one—got the Fried Wide Noodles. So pretty and simple: stir-fried vegetables, tofu, and rice noodles. She was the clean-plate winner. Not completely, but she did way better than the rest of us.

And boys and girls who don’t clean their plates don’t get dessert. Maybe next time—they’ve got a tight yet impressive dessert menu.

And that was Seattle.


2 thoughts on “thanks, seattle

  1. Thanks for cropping my crotch out of the vegan enchiladas picture. I finished that, along with the rest of your app plate, for dinner that night. So yummy. Even the disturbing mushroom medley satay things were good. 🙂

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