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road trip: san francisco, part 1

Yup, two parts, kids. Because we ate so much friggin’ fantastic food I don’t want to bog you down all at once. The kicker? Tomorrow’s post will be all Herbivore—I ate four meals there in two days—so today I bring you everything else.

We stayed in Little Osaka, or Japan Town, depending on who you ask, so we were within walking distance of everything we cared about, including this great little grocery store/cafe, Harvest Urban Market, near 8th & Mission. Coffee in the morning, Tofutti cream cheese for our bagels, savory scones from Black China Bakery, and these:

Oh, yes. The bakery where these lovelies were born is People’s Donuts, bringer of vegan donuts to the Bay Area and beyond. The icings were so light and clean, perfectly balancing the rich and creamy, almost buttery cake. The strawberry tasted like strawberry and the lemon tasted like lemon—it’s as if they use real, organic ingredients. (They do! Check out the ingredients on their website.)

The other delightful surprise came from Amici’s. Our last night there we were so tired that we couldn’t bring ourselves to walk the 1.5 miles (and who knows how much in elevation) to Herbivore. I said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have a vegan pizza delivered?” So I searched “vegan pizza San Francisco” and found some. They are now using Daiya on their pizzas and deliver all the hell over. I got two smalls so we could try ’em out and have leftovers for breakfast: The Asanté has a Daiya base (no tomato sauce), spinach, broccoli, red onion, tomatoes, and basil. And the build-your-own base pizza is just tomato sauce and cheese (no extra charge to swap with Daiya). It’s “New York-style”  thin crust, which I’ve never been a huge fan of, but I didn’t care. I wanted pizza, I made a phone call, and a half hour later a guy showed up at the door with pizza. Nice.

Before I take off (see you tomorrow for part 2), I’m saying “Happy birthday, Vegtastic Voyage.” It’s 2 years old today. It’s also the birthday of my sister-in-law and a boy named Tony who only went to school with me for 3rd grade and I only remember because he had a crush on me and gave me his school photo.

Oh, and may you all avoid the smell of corned beef on this St. Patrick’s Day and all to follow.


5 thoughts on “road trip: san francisco, part 1

    • aren’t you the sweetest of peas? i can’t stress how fantastic the donuts were–best ever? best ever.

  1. dang those pizzas look good! i finally got to try daiya at the fabulous home of the SporkFoods sisters and their amazing vegan southern comfort cooking class- they sprinkled it atop their grilled corn and jalapeno skillet cornbread… i had to drive an hour and a half for that- so worth it! 🙂

    anyways- now i’m jonesing for daiya and your pics aren’t helpin’!! 🙂

    • i know it’s pricey but maybe split with a friend it wouldn’t be so bad, cosmo’s will ship 5-pound bags of shreds. this stuff freezes without any ill effects.

  2. Those donuts look flat-out wicked. I want one! I went to the website and looked at the ingredients, then I wished for a teleporter so i can go to SF and eat some.

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